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Archival Note

Nov 2022 – It seems like the original NFL website is back online here. I’ll leave this archive up in case that changes but in the meantime I can recommend visiting the original website as the formatting is better and all the hyperlinks work. Happy experimenting!

This is an archive of the Nordic Food Lab website, from its start in 2010 until May 2016, when I left the lab.

The lab was closed by the University of Copenhagen in June 2018. The website was shut down May 2020. It seemed unfortunate that these years of work from everyone who had passed through the lab should simply disappear, so I put this archive up shortly thereafter, from a backup I had made before I left.

Please excuse some formatting issues throughout—a result of importing the original Squarespace .xml file to the new WordPress template—and that most of the internal hyperlinks are broken, as the original website is no longer hosted at the url.

As with the original website, all of the content here is licensed under a Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution-Share Alike licence.

Multiple sources are better than none, and here are some supplements/alternatives to this blog archive:

– a full Blog Archive I made with individual posts in the original layout as downloadable pdfs.

– thanks to an NFL reader, who reminded me that the original website can also be accessed via Waybackmachine, with the last snapshot of it from 13 May 2020. Unfortunately the search archive function does not work, so this option is of limited use.

– the KU Department of Food Science prepared a full pdf of the website’s content, accessible here for five years.

Please enjoy this material and spread it as you like. It was made as open-source research, which it will remain.

Joshua Evans, former Lead Researcher

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