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Those who’ve shared our work

28.4.16   Paste: Save the Bees or Eat the Bees?

28.4.16   Inverse: What Eating Bugs Won’t Save Us, but Letting Them Chew Up Awful Food Systems Will

28.4.16   Break Thru Radio: When Insects Become A Delicacy

26.4.16   Huffington Post: Bugs, or Help! Mama’s Cooking with Larvae

25.4.16   The Film Stage: BUGS—Tribeca 2016 Review

17.4.16   The Upcoming: Bugs

15.4.16   Scientific American: Science at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival and Beyond

7.4.16   NPR: ‘Bugs’ On Film: Digging Into Insect Cuisine

2016   Rolf Theuerkauf & Benny Gade: Biavl: bier, blomster og honning (Beekeeping: bees, flowers, and honey)

27.01.16   Huffington Post: Reinventing Entomophagy for the 21st Century

18.01.16   Sydan, Finland: Muurahaisia lautaselle ja muita ehdotuksia

2015 UK   Hot Rum Cow: From cocktail to cockroach

13.11.15 US   National Geographic: Beyond Taste Buds: The Science of Delicious

22.10.15 IE   Irishtimes: Select: Feed on history, news and ideas with food podcasts

3.9.15 UK   BBC Radio 4: FutureProofing [from 25:42]

1.9.15 IT   Fine Dining Lovers: Join us inside the Nordic Food Lab

23.6.15 US   Forbes: Your Ant-Infused Gin Is Now Being Served

6.2015 AT   PM: Ameisen? Köstlich!

June 2015 CA   Bouffe: L’internet à la rescousse

29.5.15 US   Bon Appétit: The Best Food Podcasts

26.5.15 US   Adweek: Each Bottle of This Gin is Flavored With the Venom and Pheromones of 62 Ants

25.5.15 UK   NewsTalk: Weepy crawlies: There’s a new ant-flavoured gin on the market

20.5.15 US   Huffington Post: For $300, You Can Drink Gin Made From The Bodies Of Foraged Ants

20.5.15 NI   Information Nigeria: Read Of The ‘Anty Gin’ – The Gin Made Out Of Ants

20.5.15 US   Food World News: Gin Made With Ants: UK Distillery creates Anty Gin, Made With 62 Ants!

20.5.15 UK   Beverage Daily: Gin made with ants: Distillery adds new dimension to insect potential

20.5.15 MY   Malay Mail Online: Why some Danish chefs are growing irritated of the ‘New Nordic Cuisine’ label

May 2015 DE   Die Zeit: Unser Geheimnisvolles Ich, Band 1 – Das Welt im Kopf [retrospective, pp115-124]

19.5.15 UK   Homemade: This one-of-a-kind gin is made from actual ants

19.5.15 US   Oddity Central: Anty Gin – World’s First Gin Made Using Ants

19.5.15 UK   The Telegraph: Anyone for ant-flavoured gin?

19.5.15 UK   VICE Munchies: Gin and Tonic Tastes Better with Ants

18.5.15 UK   Metro: Introducing Anty Gin – it’s gin flavoured with “the essence of ants”

15.5.15 UK   MailOnline: British distiller creates Anty Gin, world’s first gin with ants

10.5.15 US   Palate Press: Wine needs a Nordic Food Lab

25.4.15 PT   Publico: Há mais mundo para comer? Claro que sim, dizem Josh e Roberto

2.4.15 US   Fine Dining Lovers: Nordic Food Lab Radio: Eating Insects and the Rise of Seaweed

26.3.15 DK   Børsen: Madforskerne har fået et nyt tempel [recipes] [pdf]

25.3.15 US   IBM People for Smarter Cities: Nordic Food Lab: On a Quest for Deliciousness

3.3.15 DK   FOOD news: Meet the team behind Nordic Food Lab

2.3.15 US   Eater: Nordic Food Lab’s Radio Station

2.3.15 DK Forskere og kokke: Sådan opnår du den perfekte velsmag

2.3.15 DK   Smag for Livet: Teorien bag velsmag: Sådan smager det, når englene synger

2.3.15 DK   Det Natur- og Videnskabelige Fakultet: FOOD præsenterede kokke for eksklusivt insekt-køkken

20.2.15 US   The New York Times: Ant Gin, Cricket Soup: Bugs crawl onto menu at Cordon Bleu

20.2.15 TH   Associated Press: Ant Gin, Cricket Soup: Bugs crawl onto menu at Cordon Bleu

16.2.15 DK   Politiken: Din mad smager bedre med tungt bestik

12.2.15 IT   Fine Dining Lovers: Food Shots from Identità Golose Milan 2015

10.2.15 IT   Identità Golose: I soli estremisti che ci piacciono

2.2.15 BR   Continente: Vai uma baratinha crocante aí?

23.1.15 UK   The Spirits Business: Top 50 Innovative Spirit Launches of 2015

18.12.14 US   Food Hacks: The Wonders of Black Garlic

Dec 2014 CH   Beobachtur Natur: Die Zitrusnote der Ameisen (The citrus note of ants) [pdf]

Dec 2014 NZ   Otago Museum: Bugs: The Mega World of Minibeasts [release]

1.12.14 UK   The Spirits Business: Top 10 spirit launches in November 2014

Dec 2014 NO   NORD no. 5: Fremtidens Kjøkken [pp91-97]

10.11.14 AUS   Gizmodo Australia: Are Insects The Future Of Food?

Nov 2014 JP   Nordic Courier: How the danes discovered seaweed

30.10.14 UK   The Guardian: How insects could feed the world

30.10.14 AU   Dänemark in Österreich: Neue Nordische Küche

29.10.14 UK   The Guardian: Baking with blood: homemade Halloween treats

17.10.14 USA   GOOD: Everything you need to know about cooking with blood

15.10.14 UK   New Statesman: Lovely grub: are insects the future of food?

14.10.14 USA   Ars Technica: Lovely grub: are insects the future of food?

14.10.14 USA   Gizmodo: Are Insects the Future of Food?

14.10.14 UK   BBC: Could insects be the wonder food of the future? [republished from Mosaic]

14.10.14 UK   Mosaic: Lovely grub: are insects the future of food?
 Extra features: 1. recipes. 2. ethics of insect farming. 3. potential of semi-cultivation.

13.10.14 DK   NetAvisen: Danskerne gider ikke spise kakerlakker 

3.10.14 USA   MIT Technology Review: Fun with Food: One Lab’s Quixotic Quest for New Flavours

Oct 2014 IN   Elle India: Food crawl [print]

29.9.14 DE   Stadt Land Food: Officially, I’m a ‘Researcher’… Interview with Nordic Food Lab

25.9.14 USA   Huffington Post: Casu Marzu and Nordic Food

Sept/Oct 2014 UK   Bitten: Dane Law: What new nordic cooking can teach us all [pp 14-16]

10.9.14 USA   Yale Daily News: Evans talks Nordic Food Lab [photos]

27.8.14 IT   Identità Golose: The Nordic Food Lab and I, pt.2

26.8.14 USA   Eater: Hangover Observations from MAD4 in Copenhagen

26.8.14 IT   Identità Golose: The Nordic Food Lab and I

19.8.14 USA   Scientific American: Metamorphosis: Changing Perceptions and Approaches Surrounding Entomophagy

Aug 2014 CA   L’Actualité: Les insectes dans notre assiette!

17.7.14 DK   Børsen: Jacobsens nordiske flirt

14.7.14 USA   Eater National: Flore Named Nordic Food Lab Chef

10.6.14 IT   Fine Dining Lovers: Meet the Nordic Food Lab’s new Head Chef

June 2014 GR   the Foodie: Nordic Food Lab: Είναι τα μυρμήγκια το νέο φουα γκρα (Are ants the new foie gras?) [pp 18-21]

31.5.14 AU   The Sydney Morning Herald: No need to bug out as insects move from being a fringe food

23.5.14 USA   New Scientist: Six legs tasty: First edible insect farm opens in US

23.5.14 UK   Sustainable Food Trust: Our views on the news

23.5.14 UK   Sustainable Food Trust: Fermenting the future at Ballymaloe

22.5.14 DK   TV2: Frihuset

22.5.14 USA   SciLogs: Observing Scientific Conferences as an Outsider:  “Insects to Feed the World”

20.5.14 UK   The Guardian: Foodies unite: insects should be more food than fad

17.5.14 SE   Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative: Entomophagy, Environmental Impact and Standing Ovations – The Third and Final day of the Insect Conference

17.5.14 NL   de Verdieping Trouw: Lekker, zo’n sprinkhaan, maar hoe maak je hem klaar?

15.5.14 JP   Charlotte Payne: Insects to Feed the World Conference: Insect Foods

15.5.14 USA Nordic Food Lab to serve insect snacks at first global conference on edible insects

12.5.14 NL   FoodNieuws: Nordic Food Lab presenteert insectengerechten op eerste wereldconferentie Eetbare insecten 

9.5.14 NL   Food Film Festival: Gastronomy of the bug

29.4.14 FR   France Info: Danemark: un laboratoire de recherche sur la gastronomie

24.4.14 UK/USA   VICE Munchies: You Should Be Cooking with Blood

12.4.14 UK   The Observer Food Monthly: ‘#1 – Cooking with Blood’ in The OFM 50: our favourite foods, recipes, restaurants, and more

12.4.14 IN   The Hindu: Bite into a bug

6.4.14 USA   Molecular Recipes: Nordic Food Lab: In Pursuit of Deliciousness

4.4.14 USA   Yale Herald: Sitting down with Josh Evans

3.4.14 DK   Politiken: Insekter: flyvende føde eller fluer i suppen?

26.3.14 USA   Fast Company: Inside the Emerging World of Insect Cuisine

6.3.14 IT   Gazzetta Gastronomica: Nordic Food Lab: Where the wild things are

3.3.14 UK   School of Advanced Study, University of London: Virtues of the Table: Ethical issues raised by food choices

3.3.14 SE   YLE: Vi borde prata om Europa 

28.2.13 DK   DR: Orientering [radio]

18.2.14 FR   RFI: On fait un saut dans le futur, en quelques dizaines des années [radio, 3rd segment]

26.1.14 UK   The Times: Pig’s blood ice cream? Why chefs are seeing red

25.1.14 DK   MADFeed: VICE and MAD present “The Dream Haggis” [2 videos]

25.1.14 USA   VICE: How to Make Haggis

15.1.14 USA   NPR: New Nordic Food Gods Loosen Up on Strictly Nordic Cuisine

2.1.14 FR   Gastronomie Magazine: Cuisine et Expériences au Nordic Food Lab [pdf one two]

Jan 2014 USA   American Society for Microbiology, Microbe Magazine: Chefs and Microbiologists Break Bread Anew [print]

13.1.14 DK   Aftenshowet: Blod i madlavning

12.1.14 UK   The Independent: Gone right off eggs? Try blood [pdf]

9.1.14 DK   Politikken: Forskere experimenterer: laver marengs med svineblod i stedet for æg

8.1.14 UK   Plate: Biting into quail heads and raiding African beehives with Nordic Food Lab’s Ben Reade

27.12.13 DK   Weekendavisen: Noget i gære [print]

Dec 2013   The Lost Lectures: Ben Reade: In Pursuit of Deliciousness [video]

Dec 2013   Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFP) Update (FAO): Nordic Food Lab: Pursuing flavour, biocultural diversity and sustainability

Dec 2013 USA   Heritage Radio Network: Bugs: Food of the Future

Dec 2013   Fine Dining Lovers (via TEDxTalks): Triumphs of a Delicious Revolution [on youtube]

Nov 2013 DK   Meyers: Velsmag, Forskning, og Fermentering – når køkkenet bliver et laboratorium [print]

20.10.13 USA   Culinary Institute of America: The Nordic Food Lab

Oct 2013 USA   Wired: Moldy, Delicious [print]

Oct 2013 UK   BBC: Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia

6.10.13 USA   CNN: Anthony Bourdain – Parts Unknown

4.10.13 DE   ZDF  Krabbelnde Köstlichkeiten 

30.9.13 UK   Herald Scotland: The global food industry is a beast that’s out of control  

3.9.13 DK   Aftenshowet på DR1:  De danske madvaner gennem tiden

Sept 2013     Danmarks Biavler Forenings‘Tidsskrift For Biavl’ 9: Bilarver På Menuen Hos Nordic Food Lab [print]

Fall 2013 DE/BE   DAMn˚ Magazine: Food From Scratch – Everything is possible [print]

Aug 2013 UK   Hannah Tranter MSc: Insects Creeping into English Diets: Introducing Entomophagy to School Children in a Provincial Town [print]

30.8.13 USA   CNN:  Grasshoppers on the menu

19.08.13 DE   Rolling Pin: Fäulnis ist die Zukunft [print]

16.8.13 DK   Weekendavisen: Fra småkravl til delikatesse [print]

10.8.13 UK     Edinburgh News:  Bugs yummy: take insects eating to the masses

5.8.13 UK   The Guardian  Grub’s up: can insects feed the world?

2.8.13 CH   Le Temps:  Un bateau-laboratoire pour explorer les frontiers de la cuisine + [photos]

2.8.13 MX   Reforma:  Los Bichos Invaden La Cocina

19.7.13 IN   FirstPost: Why fine dining could soon mean sattu and insects

15.7.13 UK   Herald Scotland:  Inside Track: Insects on the menu

11.7.13 UK   The Scottish Sun:  Tuck in… grub’s up and Ben says it’s good for you

10.7.13 UK   New Scientist:  Bug Mac and flies: Are insects really food’s future?  + [video]

July 2013 NO   Norwegian Air Magazine:  Just Eat It 

28.6.13 UK   The Guardian :  Grasshopper breeder up for design award and educating Western palates

June 2013 UK   Cereal Magazine Insect Gastronomy – exploring taste, scent, and texture

15.6.13 NL   Volkskrant Magazine:  Wilder Dan Wild

10.6.13 UK   Wolf Magazine: cereal killing

4.6.14 USA   Scientific American Blog: Rub a Dub Dub, Is It Time to Eat Grubs?

20.5.13 UK   British Medical Journal:  Slip an extra locust on the barbie?

17.5.13 USA   Science Magazine:  Following the Flavour

15.5.13 USA   Grub Street: René Redzepi Makes Unprecedented Push for Insect Gastronomy

14.5.13 UK   Journal of Wild Culture: Exploring the Deliciousness of Insects

10.5.13 UK   Monocle Radio:  The Menu, episode 82

9.5.13 UK   The Guardian:  Cooking with insects – a minibeast maxifeast

9.5.13 UK   Nowness:  Nordic Food Lab x Pestival

6.5.13 UK   BBC News Europe Insects source of protein instead of meat

4.3.13 UK   Eat This Podcast:  Bog Butter

28.2.13 JP   NHK:  “UMAMI”が世界を制す!? 発見 驚きのパワー (“‘Umami’ conquers the world?! Discover the power of surprise”)

12.2.13 USA   Smart Planet: In Copenhagen, daring to innovate on the plate

16.1.13 UK   Wolf Magazineit’s all going off

16.1.13 CA   Radio-CanadaBien dans son assiette – Le Nordic Food Lab

11.1.13 UK   Sustainable Food Trust: Exploring Deliciousness

9.1.13 NO   Khymos: Nordic food lab

Winter 2012 UK   Cereal Magazine, vol. 1: All Aboard the Food Lab

1.11.12 USA   Hemispheres Magazine: Weird Science

22.10.12 USA   Bon Appétit blog: The Nordic Food Lab Is Making Submarine Sauerkraut

16.9.12 USA   National Public RadioNordic Cuisine: Moving Beyond The Meatballs And Pickled Fish

12.9.12 USA   The Washington Post: In Copenhagen, Noma restaurant offers food for thought

12.9.12   Fine Dining Lovers: Guidelines for Foraging from Nordic Food Lab

8.9.12 UK   Herald Scotland: The Scots chef at the cutting edge of food technology

7.9.12 UK    The Independent‘Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup’: Insects as food are more than just a gastronomic gimmick
 + video

5.9.12 USA   Science Fare: Nordic Food Lab’s Ben Reade on microbiology, eating insects, and the pursuit of deliciousness

5.9.12 NO   The Kavli Prize Lectures: Delineating the edible and inedible

Sept 2012 DK   Bright NowNoma’s arc

Summer 2012   Four Magazine: Wild Things

25.7.12 MX   El Universal: Se hace ojo de hormiga

18.7.12 UK   Food Republic: Oxford Symposium Takes On All Things Wrapped And Stuffed

17.7.12 AU   The Age: A taste of MADness

15.7.12 US   Wall Street Journal: Inside the Food Madhouse

2.7.12 DK   MAD Symposium: Delineating the edible and inedible

8.5.12 USA   Science and Food, UCLA: The Exploration of Deliciousness
+ video [Eater] [LA Weekly]

23.4.12 DK   Politiken: Her jagter de en dansk fisksovs [‘Here they hunt a Danish fish sauce’]

28.3.12 DK   Videnskab: Dansk tang er fuld af umami [‘Danish seaweed is full of umami’]

21.3.12 DK   Flavour Journal: Seaweeds for umami flavour in the New Nordic Cuisine

28.2.12 USA   Smithsonian Food&Think blog: Fish Sauce, Ketchup and the Rewilding of Our Food

27.2.12 DE   Die Zeit: Auf den Geschmack Gekomme



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